Sunday, February 17, 2013

38. Dear Papa Benedict...

Dear Papa Benedict...

Thank you for all of your service and prayers for the Church. It saddens us to learn of your resignation. You are an amazing, faithful person chosen by God for His Church, and it means so much to us that you have said "yes" to God! Thank you for everything that you have done for us!

A movement started about a year ago among Catholic youth. It started with one girl, destined for the convent, creating Catholic YouTube videos. Soon it blossomed into multiple young people discerning all vocations and serving God in many different ways. Some joined us from across the ocean, and our movement has come to be known as "New Catholic Generation." This movement aims to evangelize in the new media, spread our Catholic Christian faith, and educate the world about Catholicism and Christ. Twenty-six young people from around the world create videos about their faith, their experiences, and the Word and teachings of God. (Learn more about NCG!)

All of us at New Catholic Generation want to thank you for your life of devoted service to the Church. In order to personally thank you, some of us have created videos just for you! And knowing that it is very unlikely that you watch our videos in your free time, we decided to put them all together for you to hear our appreciation and prayers for you!

May God bless you and keep you. Please be assured of our prayers for you now and forever!

-The Vloggers of New Catholic Generation




Rainfeather795 (Azu Maria)