About the Blog:

I felt inspired to begin this blog in March of 2012. I have been very inspired by people such as Nicole Weider from Project Inspired, SheIsCatholic (on YouTube), and the blogs done by my friends. So, I searched for quite a while, trying to find a suitable name. I finally stumbled upon Proverbs 31:26, and I felt like it would make a beautiful name. My intentions for this blog were this: to bring Christ to people, to talk about my Catholic adventures, and to be able to talk openly about my faith. Also, I hope to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ, to share my experiences with them, and to learn from and teach them as well! Another important part of my blog is to educate others about the Catholic faith. Some people may not know exactly why we do things or would like to know what some of the things that we believe are and why. I love talking about my faith, and I feel that this blog will do the job!

About Me:

I am currently a freshman in college, studying humanities. My past: I attended a wonderful Catholic elementary/middle school (until 8th grade) and then transferred over to our public high school because my Catholic school didn't have a high school. Things really changed for me. I lost my faith, I strayed from Christ, and I became someone that I am still ashamed of. But in July of 2011 (the weekend of July 16th), all of that changed. I had an incredible experience during Adoration. I know He loves me, and the least I can do is honor Him in everything I do! <3

If you have any questions, you can contact me HERE, or just comment on my posts!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to comment, and please share it!


God Bless!


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  1. you're wonderful, I wish more young people have the zeal for Christ that you do. God Bless.