Friday, September 5, 2014

76. My Current Obsessions

So, you know only a little bit about me and more about the Faith that I practice. Perhaps I could introduce you to my preferences so you know that I'm not a machine, that I have feelings and likes and dislikes. So, in no particular order,

here are my current obsessions:

Arnold Palmer Half & Half
I mean, I've only had 3 today.... 

Michael Jackson

Who knew a little white box could make life THAT MUCH easier?!

FLY92 Morning Rush's Emoji Game
(Please only open if you're 18 years or older, due to language)
 I laugh so hard I cry. Every. Time. 
Aaaaand I'm gonna play this game with my father next.

My Bishop
He's pretty awesome
+Bp. Edward Scharfenberger; Bishop of Albany

Bumper Stickers
This isn't even half of them pictured.

Catholic Things
Mitre, busia, vimpae, ewer...

Taking pictures of every Church I go in
Unless they're in the round 
and Jesus is nowhere to be found...

Latin Mass
Did I really have to tell you that?
(PS: That's Fr. Heenan FSSP)

My City
Good ole Hometown USA!

High Altars
 (And Consecrations)

I've been known to have it for breakfast.

Fr. Feeney, MICM
My Founder. Ora pro nobis!

My Sisters recommended these shoes to me, and

Speaking of which...
My Sisters!!!
How do you not love them?!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

75. Turning them Against HIM

Satan is a cunning little buggar.

One of his tactics is to pull those closest to Jesus away from Him. In a new way, he is doing so by drawing Jesus' Brides away from Him. How devastating it is that some of the women who pledged their lives to Him through Profession of Vows have deserted Him and forgotten all about their Love for Him! Satan must laugh when one of them gets dragged down to Hell by their sins and abandonment of the Faith and Doctrine.

I was having dinner with a priest friend recently and he told a very comical but sadly true anecdote about a conversation that he witnessed at a conference. There was a table occupied at supper time with 3 non-habited Sisters, one fully habited Sister and another Sister in a modified habit. A friar in habit was also in attendance. During the dinner, one non-habited Sister turned to the habited one and asked, "Oh Sister, why do you still wear your habit, even after we have been liberated?" Without missing a beat, the Sister replied, "Because we still love Jesus." Oh, she went there. 

"Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord! will enter the Kingdom of Heaven... Depart from Me, for I know you not!"

Nothing screams holy and 
Jesus-centered like... 
a screaming, non-habited Sister...