Monday, June 4, 2012

19. What's With All This Water?

If you're Catholic, you might know what I'm talking about. If not, this is a learning experience!

This is a holy water font in a Church.
Some are big like this, others are smaller,
like little bowls on the wall....

So when you enter a Church, you are supposed to bless yourself with the holy water. Priests sprinkle holy water on the congregation on certain feast days and holidays. We anoint with oil at Confirmation. So what is up with all this water?

Water is used as a symbol as rebirth and new life. I found this cute but informative video on YouTube and I thought that this was a great way of showing us, in a language that we can understand, the importance of water in the Catholic faith.


A bit corny, I know, but it gets the point across regardless....

I hope that helps you understand the symbol of water better! 

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God Bless!


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