Thursday, June 14, 2012

22. Outfit Ideas For Modesty

Modest Ideas For Mass and Outside of Mass as Well! :)

I've really been into skirts lately, and I'm not sure why. I find that medium to long skirts work really well with being formal or casual, depending on what you pair them with. So after raiding my mom's stash of old skirts and tops that she doesn't wear any more, I have found some really cute and modest outfits that I wear to Church, school, and out with friends!

When I first decided that I wanted to dress modestly to glorify God, I didn't really know where to look for tips and ideas. I searched on the Internet for days trying to find ways to turn things into modest pieces without looking like a grandma. I had to find my own sense of style, and I thought it would be great to share these with you. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer - Sorry for my funny looking facial expressions. I had my 12 year-old brother take these photos and sometimes the timing is a bit off... Plus, I have a pretty funny face ;) Enjoy!

This skirt is really pretty, it has red and white floral print on black. It's full length, and is super comfy! The shirt that I'm wearing - I actually got at the little store in our local Cracker Barrel (haha) for a pretty cheap price. It's got fake pearls and jewels on it, but it looks pretty :) I wore this outfit to Mass one weekend.

The skirt is another full length floral, this time with blue and white flowers on it. The shirt is a simple navy blue square neck shirt. Just to show that you can mix solids with floral and still look cute. I wore this to school one week and to Mass another, so it's pretty versatile.

This is actually an outfit made of my own clothes! I know! Fascinating! :) The skirt I bought in Spain, and the shirt I've had for forever. If my memory is right, I got it at Aeropostale, but they probably don't have this exact shirt anymore, since this is from at least four years ago... I wore this for school and around town. I wouldn't wear this to Mass because of the bright colors, but if I traded the shirt for a black shirt or something less vivid, it probably would look better...

This is an outfit I absolutely adore. I must have worn it at least three times this spring already! (NOT in a row, of course!) The skirt is a beige with almost a palm-leaf pattern and light coral flowers. It matches this shirt really well, and is really light - perfect for spring! The shirt is a sleeveless top with a square neck and three small buttons. It fits pretty loosely, so I like to wear a pink camisole underneath just in case I bend over  so it doesn't show anything. :) It's really very comfortable, and I have worn it to Mass and to school.

This outfit (minus my lovely striped socks) is really formal-looking. It's a beige-y top with gold colored sequins around the collar (You can't really see them in this picture). The skirt is a slim, black stretchy skirt with a sort of beige leaf pattern. I think it's really nice, and I've worn it to Mass a few times this year.

The colors match really well, and this is a great outfit for a formal event, or going to Mass. The shirt itself is really low cut, so I threw a camisole underneath. The skirt is black with olive green leaves and a few little red flowers. Again, I'm loving the flower print!

I found this dress while going through my mother's clothes. It's a full dress, and very modest - no low neck and obviously it's full length. I haven't worn it out yet, but I plan on wearing it to Mass very soon!

This is just a plain black dress that I found while going through my mother's clothes (again... Yeah, I do that a lot! It's a cheap way to find clothes haha). Full length with a rounded neck. If you don't like the full black idea, then you can just throw a pretty top over it... 

like this! VoilĂ !
Now it looks like you're wearing a plain black skirt and a top, but you've got them fooled! 

So I hope this gave you plenty of new ideas for modest dress for Mass, school, work, and hanging with friends. I will be posting more outfits as they come, and as the season changes more, I will adapt to weather and invent some new outfits that are still modest and cute!

Let me know what you think! Also, I would love to know some of your modest outfit ideas are and where you get your modest clothes! I'm always looking for a good deal on clothes, so if you know a good place to shop, let me know!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to comment and share if you liked it!

God Bless!


+Photo credits to my brother. Thanks for being patient with me, and taking and retaking photos, Kam. :) It means a lot to me! Love you!


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