Wednesday, June 20, 2012

24. Fortnight For Freedom

If you haven't heard already, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has scheduled a  "Fortnight For Freedom" from June 21st to July 4th in order to raise awareness of the issues facing Catholics through the HHS Mandate. This event will begin tomorrow (June 21st) at 7:00 pm and last until July 4th at 12:10 pm, and will involve "prayer, study, catechesis, and public action" and "will emphasize both our Christian and American heritage of liberty." This is all to fight the HHS Mandate that will force employers to provide healthcare that includes coverage of such things as abortion, contraception, and sterilization - all things against the Catholic faith. This Mandate has sparked resistance from people all over the United states. And the mandate has not upset just Catholics. People from many religions - including Jews, and even some atheists - see the discrimination and the injustice.

Source: St Peter's List

But is this "Fortnight for Freedom" enough? I mean, it's only two weeks long, and some people think it's a joke. Something as important as an infringement on our religious freedom should be fought against for more than two weeks. In fact, in my opinion, it should last until the mandate is totally repealed, and it should involve more than just prayer and study. Of course, it's highly important to pray, and studying is crucial as well. But honestly, we need to let the government know that we are not happy, we will not stand for such injustice, and that we will not comply. We need to hold rallies in D.C. We need to protest and hold signs on street corners. We need to hold events, talk to politicians, and make a big fuss. That is the only way that the government will take notice.

So, what can you do?

FIRST - educate yourself. Learn what the HHS Mandate is all about, what it includes, and why it is unconstitutional. Read a summary of it from BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)  HERE. Read a summary from a Catholic standpoint HERE. Read why contraception/abortion/sterilization is against Catholic teaching HERE / HERE (scroll to 2370) / HERE  (scroll to 2399). Read about Fortnight for Freedom HERE.

SECOND - pray. Of course. Pray rosaries. Pray novenas. I don't care. Prayer is essential. But it isn't everything... Hence the third step.

THIRD - take action. Write to legislation. Ask your parish if there is a rally or a meeting nearby.

Will you be watching the Mass tomorrow evening? Will you participate in the Fortnight for Freedom? What do you think about the HHS Mandate?

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