Friday, March 14, 2014

53. I Apologize in Advance

Someone on Twitter posted this and I have to share it.

For the liturgically squeamish, the canon lawyers, and traditionalists, this might be a good time to check out my other posts...

My thoughts:

0:01 what is that hunk of metal doing in the sanctuary? Are we in a junk yard? The foliage makes me think of a jungle...
0:50 ... that song sounds familiar...
0:52 West Side Story?
1:23 commence hysterical laughter
2:33 Oh, good! They're gone!
2:43 They're back. And they brought... the gifts?
3:02 Where in the rubrics is this?
3:08 Where in the rubrics is any of this?
3:15 Don't put the gifts down on a bare "altar!" There has to be a white cloth...
3:19 Oh how convenient...
3:25 It looks like an oversize sheet of toilet paper...
3:54 Incense?
4:06 Last time I checked, that's not how you incense an altar...
4:26 It looks like an aerobics class is taking place in the background...
4:47 I feel bad that this guy is never gonna live this down...
4:52 WHAT are you doing?!?
6:01 I always love when they light candles with grill lighters... So liturgical.
6:14 What the heck kind of reverencing the altar is that?
6:18 You forgot to bow.
6:21 My favorite part, by far, is when they leave...

(My thoughts exactly)

As an antidote for that, please enjoy this video:

Ahhh much better

So why did I put you through that torture?

It's Lent! Penance!

Just kidding. People need to see how ridiculous this modernist stuff is, and realize how detrimental it is to our Liturgy. This isn't good.

For those of you who saw nothing wrong with the first video, Cardinal Arinze has some words for you:

Why don't you kneel? Why don't you crawl?

(I LOVE Cardinal Arinze.)

And my good friend CalledToBeCatholic's video about Liturgical Dance:

Thank you for reading! Feel free to inflict this torture on your friends (by making use of the share buttons below)!

Have a great day, and God bless you!



In light of the enthralling "Religious Ed Conference" (REC) this weekend (I was blessed, or not so blessed, to be able to watch the "opening rite' /more like opening wrong/ online), Fr. Z, Michael Voris, as well as Catholic Memes all had commentary to this. Quite amusing. Glad I'm not the only one to have a major problem with this kind of stuff. Oy.

I was watching the ceremony yesterday and having a lovely conversation with some other traditional Catholics in the sidebar, until they blocked me. Oh well. *shrug*


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