Monday, March 17, 2014

56. Interesting How the Spirit Works

Now if this doesn't freak you out a little...

So I pinkie promise that I didn't see this before now. In fact, one of my good friends (John, who helped to put together my Why Wear the Veil video a while back) messaged me on FaceBook and proceeded to ask me if I had seen the article on Regina Mag's FaceBook. I hadn't, so I searched, and found (Thanks, St. Anthony!), and read.



Like, really familiar. Like, HOLY SPIRIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING familiar...

POST FOUND HERE (Published on the 9th.)

Now, compare with my post from the 12th.



Like I said, I am 100% certain that I did not see Regina Mag's post before this evening. 

If that's not the Holy Spirit, at work, I don't know what is!

+ Pax


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