Thursday, April 17, 2014

65. Finally

I can't believe it took so long for someone to issue an official denial of "Maria Divine Mercy."

Official statement of the Diocese of Dublin:

For a concise article about some of the major heretical "messages," click HERE. For some examples of the contents of her "messages," click HERE.

But for now, let us laugh, chuckle, and shake our heads at the alleged "messages." Some of them are quite amusing. And memes are fun too.

4/14/2010: “I will never forsake those who keep coming back to me. As sinners this will tend to happen.”

4/30/2012:“Many of you will not come to Me at this time. But this is okay.”

6/9/2012: “You will be caught in an intricate web of deceit from which you will be unable to entangle.”

[Her grammar, spelling, and grasp of the English language is, well, lacking.]

9/1/2012: “This is why many poor souls try to find religions which provide that missing link.”


11/21/2010: ‘All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind.’  

All paths? Freemasonry (which will get you EXCOMMUNICATED), Atheism, and witchcraft included? I don't, like, think so.

4/14/2011: ‘Many Christians ignore one of the most fundamental promises I made during My crucifixtion [sic] where I would be present in bread and wine and leave a permanent mark to help nourish souls.’

Basic catechesis would have MDM aware that Jesus isn't present in the bread and wine. They BECOME Jesus' Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. If this really is Jesus speaking (which we now officially know it is not), don't you think He would know about Transubstantiation?
And Jesus knows how to spell...

9/13/2011: ‘Never allow yourselves to accept any truth other than that contained in the Holy Bible.’

A rejection of both the Magisterium and Tradition.
Again, simple catechesis. The CCC says, 

95 "It is clear therefore that, in the supremely wise arrangement of God, sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church are so connected and associated that one of them cannot stand without the others. Working together, each in its own way, under 
the action of the one Holy Spirit, they all contribute effectively to the salvation of souls."

12/2/2012: “Division is the opposite to unity.”

1/27/2013: “Terrible errors will be made by My Sacred Servants when they will follow the wrong fork in the road to My Kingdom.”

The wrong fork in the road? HAHA

All in all, I'm glad that this finally was officially condemned. It's been too long.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. Yes, it has been too long. The cult has grown in the meantime and now it will be even harder to get some of these people out of it.