Thursday, June 12, 2014

70. Satan hates the TLM

It shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us that Satan HATES the TLM.


Just like any other Mass, the TLM is centered around God and His Son's Sacrifice. Satan must tremble as people gathered at the altar recount the Paschal Mystery wherein Jesus conquered the grave and opened the Gates of Heaven to mankind. But what's more, the TLM is extremely reverent, and unfortunately it is oftentimes far more reverent than the "ordinary" NO Mass (Which is a distinction which should NOT be able to be made if the NO is said correctly!). The TLM gathers youth, unites them in deep contemplative prayer, and catechizes people on the Catholic Faith and Traditions. All of these things surely anger Satan, as they draw souls away from him, and unite them with God.

Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum

Now in our current state in the USA, the TLM has taken a backseat. It's been pushed aside and made to seem like a "minority's Mass." The case at Holy Innocents is example enough. The predicted closing of a flourishing parish is frightening. And I (along with many others) suspect that it is due to its daily hosting of an Extraordinary Form. Also related to the issue at Holy Innocents is the removal from ministry of Fr. Wylie, a priest from South Africa. He recently delivered a homily, essentially about the second-class-citizenship of TLM-attendees and their need for priests. This seems to be the spark that initiated his removal, and is facilitating the closing of the Church.

Holy Innocents NYC

You may recall that I was trying to organize a TLM for my NO parish to commemmorate Divine Mercy Sunday this year. It fell through because Satan hates the TLM. There are only 3 priests in my whole diocese who know how to celebrate the TLM, and are willing to do so. The day after Easter, one of these priests (not surprisingly, the one we had asked to come celebrate the following Sunday) was accused of inappropriate contact with a minor. This came as a huge shock because this priest is recently ordained, is extremely holy, and celebrates the TLM. He was removed from ministry immediately. Not only were we forced to cancel the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration, but my TLM parish had to scramble to fill the schedule. Mondays, and half of the Sundays were now in need of a priest. The hearing date has been delayed twice thus far, which means that we have been almost 2 months without this holy priest, and 2 months with a lot of stress on the EF community here in the Diocese.

The first TLM in my parish in about 40+ years

Another instance of Satan working against the TLM is the very recent attack on two FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) priests in Phoenix, AZ. One newly ordained priest was killed, and another priest (with more years as consecrated) was injured in what appears to be a burglary. The part that strikes me as odd, though, is that the assault didn't take place in the church, but in the priests' living quarters. If someone were to break into church property to steal something, wouldn't you think they'd try the church first, especially since it usually is adorned with expensive, gold objects? Hmmm. 

These are only a few cases and examples of how Satan hates the TLM and wants to destroy it. My advice to you? Don't stop going to the TLM. Don't stop loving the Lord. Don't let Satan hinder you from becoming closer to God and to His Church. 

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