Saturday, March 24, 2012

2. Jesus Music. Not As Bad As You Think...

During my lunch or study hall periods, you can often find me in the auditorium of my high school, playing the piano and/or singing. You may be wondering what I'm playing, since you probably have never heard it before... That's because I listen to the least played music on Earth. Christian Music.

Yes, the dreaded Jesus music. I thought that it was awful, too, before I discovered the beauty of it in July. Uplifting and happy, it drew me in and I haven't been able to break away - nor have I wanted to - since!
It's not as bad as everyone thinks, however. There's a wide range of Jesus music. I have an extensive playlist that features everything from choir, to rap, to the soft stuff  and everything in between.

What really makes me happy is when one of my friends comes up to me while I'm playing and says, "I love that song!" That has only happened a few times, but I sincerely cherish those moments when I realize that they're a fellow Jesus-Music-Lover, and they appreciate the music. Usually I get comments such as, "That's really pretty," or "What's the name of that song?" I'll tell them the name and they'll go, "hmm" and nod their heads.

I would like to share some of my favorite Christian songs and artists with you, and you can add to the list in the comments section! These are only a few. If you want more, comment!

  • 'Beautiful, Beautiful' by Francesca Battistelli 
  • 'My Savior My God' by Aaron Shust
  • 'Your Love' by Brandon Heath
  • 'Isaiah 61' by Matt Maher ( I love all of his music, but recently, this is one of my favorites )
  • 'All of Creation' by MercyMe
  • 'When the Stars Burn Down' by Phillips Craig and Dean
  • 'Where I Belong' by Building 429
  • 'This Man' by Jeremy Camp
  • 'Revelation Song' by NewsBoys. ( Going to see them in concert! I totally recommend ALL of their music! )
  • 'Leaving Eden' by Brandon Heath
  • 'Remind Me Who I am' by Jason Gray
  • 'The Night Before Christmas' by Brandon Heath ( I don't care if it's the beginning of Spring. This is an incredible, thought-provoking song that you can and should listen to at any time of the year! )
  • 'Yeshua' by Beckah Shae ( She's not very well known yet, but she's great! Her beats are so fun! )
  • 'Awesome God' by R-Swift ( A remake of a classic. )
I hope you like the music! Leave some comments about the list or with your own favorites!
God Bless!

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