Thursday, May 24, 2012

10. That's NOT His name...

It always frustrates me when people give God names that aren't His. Like "Jesus F*****g Christ!" My response? "Um, that's NOT His middle name..." or "God d**n!" "That's NOT His last name..."

Why can't people realize that it's offensive to some of us to use that kind of language? It offends all followers of Christ (and even our Jewish brothers and sisters.), since it is using that kind of language in combination with God's name IN VAIN. Double whammy.

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How hard is it to control our anger? Why must some of us resort to offensive language in order to express our feelings towards others or situations? What can we do to avoid doing this?

My priest talked about this a few weeks ago, about how we can let our emotions control us. Emotions are not sins. Anger is not a sin unless it is acted upon. When you let your anger get the best of you and you let these offensive words come out, then you are not only offending your peers, but you are offending God Himself.

Some people don't know how to control their anger in peaceful and non-offensive manners. Some people simply cannot filter their words and they let their emotions fly. We can channel our feelings in better, more productive ways, such as going for a walk, or talking calmly about it with the people that are involved.

I must say, hearing the F-word coupled with God's holy Name is very frustrating, offensive, and disappointing. What I hope for you is that you take this to heart about how much people can be offended by the inappropriate use of God's name, and think before you speak. If you don't talk this way, good for you! I applaud you! But perhaps it would be beneficial if you could tell your friends/peers who do talk this way that it offends you or others. You might be able to help them!

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