Saturday, May 19, 2012

9. Confession

Today I went to Reconciliation for the first time in 6 months. (ABOUT TIME! lol) It was nice to get cleansed again. But something I saw really struck me.

I have never seen such a large crowd waiting for the confessional to be open in the 10 months that I have been (re)Catholic. There must have been about 10 people waiting there. One woman was familiar to me, although I had never talked to her, just seen her from a distance. I was aware that she was extremely faithful and I often wished I could be as moved by Jesus as she always seemed. So anyway, there weren't enough seats outside the Confession Room, so she was standing and I stood near her. after some people moved on, we both sat down.

She was praying the rosary and rocking back and forth, obviously distressed, and I thought I heard her sniffle. Then it was apparent that she was crying. She continued to cry as most of the people went in and out of the Confession Room. Another in, then that person out and another to take their place. It was almost her turn and she was still crying. She let out a breath. "Jesus," she said. This crying out for our Lord deeply moved me.

When we go to Reconciliation/Confession/Penance, do we weep? Do we really repent? Do we really regret what we are there to confess? I know that I don't, and to some degree, I wish I could be touched like this woman was obviously touched by the Holy Spirit. I mean, yes, I'm sorry for my sins (I'm certainly not proud of them!), but I have never cried at a confessional, excluding the one time right before I was (re)saved. I wish it happened more often, and it was refreshing (but still a bit unsettling) to see her in that state...

Just my musings for today. :) Hope you have a nice Sunday and don't forget to share and comment!


God Bless!!


PS: I just realized that I skipped post 9... OH WELL ;)

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