Monday, May 28, 2012

15. Hang In There

Some wisdom from the great Mother Angelica:

We can be sure that:
Dryness makes us patient as we seek to love God for Himself.
Mental anguish makes us depend upon His Wisdom.
Doubts increase our Faith when we act according to our beliefs rather than our reasoning.
Fear makes us trust God’s Providence and Hope in His Goodness.
Anxiety leads us to distrust ourselves and release our problems to an all-loving God.
Worry makes us realize our helplessness and instills a desire to throw ourselves into the Arms of His Infinite Wisdom.
Discouragement over our imperfections makes us strive for holiness with greater determination.
Uncertainty as to our future makes us look forward to the Kingdom.
Disappointments detach us from the things that pass and make us look to those that are everlasting.

Found this on Tumblr... I don't have an account, but I like to go on and look at random stuff... LOL 

Hope this rings true for you, and don't forget to comment and share!!


God Bless!!


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