Saturday, June 2, 2012

17. Saving Jesus

Have you ever been standing idly by while someone makes a bad mistake and sins against themselves or others? How do you feel? It feels awful, like you're watching a train wreck unfold. What can you do to stop it?

What you are seeing is not only a train wreck, but the re-crucifixion of Jesus. Every time we sin, we are hurting Jesus, and damaging the relationship between us. Help your friend and stop them from sinning, when possible. I have a personal anecdote from the other day that I thought I would share, as an example of how to solve a similar situation.

So in our physical education class in school we have to run "PACERs" every quarter for a grade. They call it fitness testing. Everyone else calls it torture. So anyway, We partner up and one partner runs the first set of pacers and the other partner runs when they are done. So I partnered up with this senior who has become my "gym buddy"; one who you use to endure physical education with, but don't talk to outside of class. This girl, unfortunately, makes bad decisions often, and it's uncomfortable for me to spend the 80 minutes with her talking about things she's done. But I get a lot of praying done while she's talking... Anyway, I ran the first set of pacers and it was time for our coach to collect our scores, and the next group to run. I gave him my score and then he asked my partner (We'll call her Janet) if she ran. "Yeah, I ran 31." She said in a monotone voice. My eyes bulged out of my face. I was sweating from actually running, and here she was, being lazy, lying straight to coach's face about running, with not a drop of sweat on her! Coach, knowing her character and past history, looked at me, but he must not have seen my face, because he wrote something down in his book and kept walking. h, one of her friends came into the gym (yet another bad decision maker...) and they left the gym. I was really frustrated with her and I decided that if I had let her get away with this, then I would feel like an accomplice to a crime. So I stood up and found Coach talking to a group of students. When he was free, I pulled him aside and told him, "She didn't run..." He looked at me funny and then a wave of understanding seemed to wash over his face. "You mean Janet didn't run her pacers? I thought she might have been lying... Thank you for telling me."

Phew! I felt much better after telling him that, knowing that I may have made Jesus smile a little, and possibly avoided a train crash. Another thing that you can fix - how many times do you hear people use God's name in vain or curse frequently? By informing them that it offends you (or if it's a fellow Christian, that it offends God), you can help them realize that what they're doing is not, in fact, cool, and is rude and disrespectful.

It may seem difficult, and this may sound cliche`, but it's important to stand up and tell someone when they're doing something wrong. You might just be saving Jesus from another crucifixion.

You don't want His blood on your hands!


God Bless!


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