Sunday, July 1, 2012

26. You're in the House of God...

So be presentable!

I came downstairs last week to leave for Mass (I usually go to the Vigil Masses on Saturdays). I was wearing this:

Background info: If you don't know me personally, or you don't know my mom, she's not Catholic, and she doesn't understand some of the things that I do and why.

Anyway, Mom said, "Why do you always dress up so nice for Church?"

What came to my mind (but I didn't say) was: "Because the Man of my dreams is there!" :)

The altar and crucifix in my parish
I mean, why wouldn't you dress nicely for Mass? You're going to be in the True Presence of Christ, you'd think that dressing nicely would be the obvious thing to do. But I've been quite surprised at what I see at Church sometimes. Sometimes it's a good surprise, but usually it's a bad one.

Shorts are usually a no-no in Church. They show too much of the leg, and it's very difficult to find shorts that aren't super short!

Something like this is not appropriate:

Also, shirts with skinny straps, low necklines, or "midriffs" are inappropriate for Mass. 

Also, your footwear should be modest. You don't need 6" heels to go to Mass. Like your other clothing choices, your shoes should not be distracting, or uncomfortable.

This is the kind of footwear you want to avoid:

You're probably thinking about your wardrobe, saying "What can I wear??" Well I want to tell you that there is plenty out there that is appropriate for Mass! 

Take these outfits, for example:

A nice top with a floral skirt, simple and comfy flats, 
a bag that matches, perhaps a headband, a cross necklace, and some simple,
 non-distracting earrings!

If you're looking for a more professional-looking
outfit, try (not skin-tight) trousers with a belted shirt, 
and some neutral colored accessories, like this bag and these flats! 
Add a pearl bracelet and some simple studs!

If you want something more comfy, here's an idea!
Keep to two simple colors, in this case, the navy blue and the white/cream. 
I also thought it would be neat to repeat the striped pattern in a little hair clip.
Slip on a navy blue pair of Toms and you're good to go!

I know I'm no fashion expert, but I know when something is modest, and when something is immodest. It's not good to dress immodestly to begin with, but to bring your immodesty into a Church is definitely not appropriate! So I hope this post will give you a few ideas, and will make you think more about what you're wearing in God's presence!

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God Bless!



  1. I think it is so true. The meaning of 'Sunday best' has undergone so much change. How often do I feel frustrated to see people dress inappropriately for mass? Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would not want to be in the temple then. Thanks for the post Kylie!

    1. Great point! I knew I was missing something! :D
      Thanks for commenting! God Bless!