Friday, October 11, 2013

46. My 40 Days Experience Thus Far

So far so good! Countless hours praying at our local Planned Parenthood in solidarity with Christians and non-Christians alike has produced awesome results thus far! We believe that we have had at least one life saved, praise God!

The downfall though: the pro-choice people who rally across the street. Really? What's your cause? 40 Days for Death?

Their signs are sickening. "I support women's healthcare." "I <3 PP" "40 years legal (so why do I still have to do this???) I'm almost certain I saw Jezebel holding a sign over there. They waved at people as they honked or sent a thumbs-up their way, and they cheered and clapped. Whoopie. Killing babies. Honk if you love to kill babies. What even?!?

And ohmygosh you'd never believe the profanities yelled out of passing cars! How horrendous! And the most saddening is the mothers/fathers who either wave to the pro-death people, or those that flip us pro-lifers the bird - WITH THEIR KID IN THE CAR! Wow. Can't get much worse than that.

I wish to tell you all about an enthralling interaction I had today with a photographer. A man with a short grey beard rode towards Planned Parenthood from downtown on a bicycle laden with three packs. After photographing (at some length, I would say,) the pro-choicers proudly holding their signs across the street, he rode over to our side of the street. To my left, in between the lane and sidewalk, be began to "discreetly" (actually, very obviously) snap pictures of me holding the "Abortion Hurts Women" sign. I called out to him. "Excuse me, for what cause are these pictures?" He made a motion with his hands to indicate that he couldn't hear me and then mouthed 'traffic." I yelled so he could hear my, "Then come here!" and motioned for him to step closer to the curb. I repeated, "For what cause are you taking pictures of me?" He gave me the most 'fake-innocent, I have no idea what you're talking about' face. I repeated the question, "What are these going to be used for?" I was getting irritated, to say the least. "Documentary," he finally said. I wasn't satisfied with that answer and I wasn't finished yet. "Well why don't you come up and introduce yourself before trying to snap pictures of me?!" I had had it. I dismissed him with a simple "Have a good day. God bless you." He rode off on his bike and didn't say another word to me. I can't wait to see where those pictures show up... Oh boy...

Anyway, other than that, 40 Days has been amazingly inspiring. I have met so many people through this campaign in the first 3 weeks that I look up to and am inspired by. From the young atheist boy who asked the first week if he could come and hold his sign with us, even though he didn't believe in God, to a devout, strong Christian man who has shown me how to REALLY stand up for life. These people have inspired me so much to never back down in this fight, and to pray - really fervently pray - for an end to abortion.

Please. If there is a 40 Days For Life vigil location near you, please seriously consider spending some time there praying and advocating for an end to abortion. This is THE MOST important cause in the world today. Our brothers and sisters - the most innocent and helpless of these! - are being murdered simply for BEING. This needs to end, and the only way to end it is to pray, increase awareness, and be active in the fight against this evil.

Join me in standing up for the rights of unborn children.

God bless you.


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