Sunday, April 20, 2014

68. Liturgy and Youth (Wherein SSWW Rants)

As a young person in the Church I get a lot of attention. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Whether it's the priest or the people around you in the pews, if you attend Mass regularly there's a chance that they've taken notice, and have started to move in. There's one question that they're dying to ask you...

Older people and priests always ask people my age what we want in the Liturgy and what will bring more youth to Church. They always seem so anxious to hear our answers. They anticipate answers such as, "Something fun!" or, "Something entertaining!" 

But when we give them our answers, they turn away. "You want what? Reverent Liturgies and more traditionalism?" or, "You must be nuts. That's not what you want." Then they turn us away and go looking for us elsewhere. They bring out the rock "Masses," maybe Sisters in mini-skirts (I have seen this), and liturgical dancers *shudder*. You name it, they have tried it. And then they get frustrated when none of us show up. It's no wonder non-traditional street-clothes-wearing orders are all dying out and being forced to close while traditional orders with full habits are being forced to build more convents to house all their vocations. It's no wonder you hardly ever hear babies or children during "up-beat" Novus Ordo Masses but you hear them all the time at solemn Novus Ordo Masses and Tridentine Masses. It's no wonder you can't get youth to come to your church. We don't want fake, fluffy, shallow liturgy and entertainment.  In fact, we don't want entertainment at all. If we did, we'd go to the movies or do something of that nature. We want to worship. We want to give glory to the One to Whom it is due! We want to be captured in a moment that reminds us that we are small, insignificant, and that we are children of a Great God Who is bigger than anything we can imagine. It's when we get caught up in that feeling of awe and wonder that we are drawn in.

(An oldie but a goodie)

Just needed to rant a little...

Have a blessed day! Happy Easter!


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