Saturday, May 3, 2014

69. Save the Liturgy...

Save the WORLD!

The past 2 weeks have been chaotic, to say the least.

Last week my pastor was on pilgrimage to Italy and Poland for the Canonization of JPII and JXXIII. We had a priest who would be filling in the weekend Masses (The wonderful Fr. Taylor who came to say Latin Mass for us that one time!), and all seemed like it would go well! I asked my pastor's permission to organize another TLM for Divine Mercy Sunday, and he consented and I spent 2 days organizing the event and inviting people from all over the area. I worked tirelessly until everything came tumbling down. All you need to know is that prayers for Fr. Taylor are IMPERATIVE right now, and that he wasn't able to make it due to extenuating circumstances. PLEASE keep him in prayer.

Anyway, I'll let the following letter (to my Bishop) tell the rest of the story.

Liturgically squeamish may wish to exit now...

(I'm sorry for the weird format. It's the only way I could embed it... If you'd like to read it in another format, please click HERE.)

that is, if it lets you...

So, yeah. That's the hell that I went through last week. *sigh*

Just thought I'd share my letter with you all and give you a chance to give me your input. :) The letter has been read and approved by my pastor (as it says within the letter), and I plan on mailing it this week.

Please, if you witness liturgical abuse, REPORT IT!

On a happier note, THIS is coming out this week! Pre-order NOW!


Yesterday evening, around 5pm, the Administrative Advocate for Priests of our Diocese, Fr. Berberian. I missed the call, so I called him back this morning to make sure that he didn't have any questions or need any further clarification regarding my letter. He said that he didn't; that my letter was clear. He told me that +Bp. Scharfenberger would either call me, or talk with Fr. Berberian and then address it with Fr. Broderick.

I'm very glad that he 1) read my 3-page letter, and 2) took the time to call me and discuss it (albeit very briefly) with me. I pray that the Bishop takes this seriously and does something about liturgical abuse as a whole in this Diocese. 

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