Tuesday, May 13, 2014

63. Please Pray

As always, I am urging you to pray for our priests. But now more than ever.

Tomorrow at 4pm EST* is my priest's hearing. Immediately after Easter, accusations of inappropriate contact with a minor came in to the Diocese. He is being accused of "endangering the welfare of a child." 

I am certain that he is innocent. Fr. Taylor is a very holy priest, a convert to the Faith, and a regular celebrant of the Extraordinary  Form. He's one of the 3 priests in my whole diocese to know and actively celebrate the EF. 

PLEASE keep Fr. Taylor in your prayers today leading up to (and through) his hearing tomorrow at 4. Please pray that God's Truth shines through, and that those who will be judging him will be honest and sincere, without prejudice or undue judgement. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers. Please share this post and ask others to pray for him. A number of us have been doing a novena to the Sacred Heart and St. Maximus, one of his favorite saints. 

God bless you all! 




*The Times Union posted an article this morning, stating that the hearing has been postponed to next month. PLEASE continue to pray anyway!

I don't like the tone that they used, but here's the article.

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