Tuesday, May 20, 2014

64. Male Servers and the Priesthood.

As I'm sure you've discovered, I'm a big fan and avid reader of Fr. Z's blog. While I was away visiting the Slaves, he re-posted a poll that he had published a while ago, along with a study from the USCCB on demographics and facts about this year's ordinands. I encourage you to vote in the poll and to read over at least the first 3 pages of the study. VERY interesting...

"Ordinands of the Class of 2014 have been active in parish ministries, with eight in ten (80 percent) indicating they served as an altar server..."

Why is that?

The office of altar server is an extension of the priesthood. They aid the priest in the Sacrifice of the Mass and they learn about the Mass through their participation as servers. They also learn about the priesthood while serving. 

When one grows up serving at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (even better if it's in the Extraordinary Form, or at least a very reverent Ordinary Form!), they become closer to God through it and through their sacrifice. 

Although I do hold the opinion that female servers should not be used, that's beside the point right now. This isn't about whether or not females should serve, but that more males should serve because it prepares them for the priesthood and encourages them to consider a religious vocation. 

Let's just say, if we have all-girl altar servers, we won't have any male servers (or if we have female servers, that's a spot that a male could've had). And I guarantee you, none of those girls will go on to be ordained. Give the training to the men, that they may be called to a vocation of Holy Orders.

Stumbled upon this today..


This is a GREAT video! Note the servers' attitudes 
towards the Holy Sacrifice and towards the Priesthood!

"It has opened a little door to me to consider becoming a priest because just by watching the priest do what they do and learn from them..." - cutest kid ever.

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