Friday, May 30, 2014

67. Home!

I arrived back home from California this morning (at 5am)!

It was a FANTASTIC retreat, and I really felt God moving there! I truly was able to be at peace, calm my mind, and focus on God and His Will. And surprisingly (or not surprisingly) enough, while there all I could think about while in prayer was being back "home" with the Slaves.

I feel so called to enter with the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart. Since my first (unofficial, happen to show up to Mass there) visit in February, I've had a longing for the place. And especially since my first official visit nearly three months ago, I've been calling it "home" and feeling as if my heart belongs there. It's a hard thing to describe, this feeling of belonging somewhere. But it's wonderful!

Sr. Maria Corazon OCD surprised me while I was with the Carmelites. Someone asked her the common question, "how do you know if you're called to a particular community?" Her answer right away was, "It feels like home."

That, along with other confirmations and strong feelings and prayers this week are fueling my continued discernment with the Slaves. I, God-willing, will be helping with their summer camps this year, and perhaps I will even apply. It's all up to God and what He wills to be the way that I bring Him Glory. 

Ascension dilemma:
I was in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles this week. My flights back home took place from noon Thursday until past midnight on Friday (about 12 hours of travel). In the Archdiocese, the Feast of the Ascension is moved to Sunday. In my diocese, it was celebrated on Thursday. So I missed going to a Mass for the Ascension... Catholic problems...

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