Thursday, May 22, 2014

66. Traveling...

I'm on my way to California to visit the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of LA. Please pray that I get there safely, and that God's Will be done!

I packed for reading material my binder of random Encyclicals and Vatican documents. The librarian at school was not so happy that I used a ton of their paper to print all of these out...

My binder includes Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum, as well as St. John Paul II's Ecclesia De Eucharistia, among others. That should keep me busy for a while...

I will try to update at some point this week. I won't be home until the wee hours of the morning next Friday. 



Finally boarded the plane. Late boarding because of rain showers... 

Off I go! 

And it seems like the seat next to me will remain empty this flight. Little blessings like that... 


Arrived at my first layover. Noticed during the safety talk on the plane that the lady with the flotation cushion looks similar to Miriam from the Prince of Egypt... Maybe it's just me. 

Also, they have a fancy new policy that lets you keep your electronic devices on the whole time, including take off and landing (although they still need to be on Airplane Mode)... I still haven't figured out how simply having them on makes any difference anyway... Hm. 

Boarding my 2nd flight now... Until then. 

 First time trying this in-flight wifi. Not too bad! 

I usually don't buy frivolous things like this, but I've read 2 and a half documents, I'm sick of reading, and my flight is 4 1/2 hours long... MUST. HAVE. INTERNET. 

 Arrived safely, and I'm now waiting to board my third and final flight of the day. Man am I tired!! 

My phone is dying :( 
Speed charging it as I wait for them to call my boarding zone... 

Forgot I had this with me... Might read it on this flight.. 


I've arrived safely! I'm spending a couple of days with a family and then heading off to the convent. For now, going to catch up on some sleep! 

Friday May 23

I'm in LA right now. We went to noon Mass at the Cathedral (a full post stemming from my experience coming soon) and then went to China Town for lunch. Delish! I like authentic Chinese food, not the nasty knock-off take out. 

Saturday, May 24

Currently stuck in traffic on the freeway. Heading to the clinic to visit the Carmelites! Please pray for me! I will keep  updating every so often. 

Monday, May 26 

Yesterday was lovely! We took a trip to the beach with many of the Sisters and those in formation. It was nice just to meet a couple of Sisters. I actually met one who is originally from a town that is an hour from mine! It was so neat to connect with her and talk about our area! 

I'm enjoying my stay more now that I'm with the Sisters. I still don't feel called to this order, but I'm picking up bits of their spirituality and life as I go, and it's helping me to see where I really am called. I'm feeling even more drawn to the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart, which I have visited twice (kind of 3 times, but only twice officially) and am absolutely in love with. Please continue to pray for me this week as I discern God's Will. 
(The service is really poor here [part of me thinks God did that on purpose], so I will try to update tomorrow or another day.)

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