Friday, April 27, 2012

8. Birth vs. ReBirth

I am sure that you hear about this all the time. But what is rebirth, and why is it called that? Is there any connection between physical and spiritual (re)birth?

Rebirth, often spoken about in the spiritual sense, is the finding of Jesus, and 'being saved' by accepting Him as your Savior. Often, people who have had conversions or reversions remember their spiritual rebirths, and hope to never forget it.

What is birth? Birth is the deliverance of a child into the world. Rebirth is just like this, only it is spiritual, and we bring ourselves (or Jesus brings us) into the world of God's grace, mercy, and Love that perhaps we never knew, or are returning to after some rough times.

So what are some parallels between physical birth and spiritual rebirth? I will use my reversion as an example.

When we are birthed into this world, what is the first thing that we do, other than breathe? We cry.
When I went through my rebirth, I was at Adoration, and I cried because of the overwhelming presence of Jesus. 

When we are born, we don't really know who anyone is, although we are familiar with the sound of our mother's voice. Our mothers become our safe place (she has been for the past 9 months anyway!) and we feel calm with her.
We may not know who God is, exactly, at that moment of rebirth, but I felt comfort with Him, even though I had been separated from Him. 
When we are born, we are dependent on our mother. We are fragile and we need to be taken care of. We need to be fed the right foods and we need to receive love from the woman who birthed us.
When we are new to the faith, we don't know what to do. We're scared and sometimes intimidated. I needed a lot of help from God when I went through my reversion. He filled me with His love, and through Him, I found the courage to seek help from people and my (new) Church. 

These are some of the parallels that I found when I examined my rebirth a bit closer. I would love to know if you have ever experienced a rebirth, and if you know of any more parallels that I could add.
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